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Welcome to New Life Foundation, a place where your near and dear ones find treatment in the best possible way and get rid of the addiction they have and bring them back to the right flow of life. So, if you are having any bad addiction and want to get rid of that from your life then you have to come to us. We are the best De-addiction Center. If you try to eliminate that habit from your life without any help from experts then you will be taking up an uphill task in which the chances for your success is very slim. You need expert help and we,at New Life Foundation, are the best place where you can get the right help. We will make sure you get rid of the addiction from your life once and for all.

The Mission of Our De-addiction Center

We, at New Life Foundation, can feel what goes in your life when you have an addiction to a certain substance. Addiction is one such thing that can absolutely ruin your life. That is why we will look to provide you with the best treatment to ensure that you don’t have any addiction in your life. In the year 2000, our director and founder MR. Rajbir Singh started New Life Foundation. He wanted to ensure that addicted people get a holistic treatment from their addiction irrespective of the financial background. That is why we, at New Life Foundation, are the best De-addiction Center which is looking to bring the light back in the lives of our patients which our holistic approach towards the treatment of addiction. Our mission is to provide the best treatment at reasonable prices without compromising on the international rehabilitation standards.

The Vision of Our De-addiction Center

As the best De-addiction Center, we are always striving to provide the patients with the best possible treatment for their addiction. Basically, with our holistic approach to de-addiction, almost each and every one of our patient is now living a healthy and prosperous life. Our vision is to redefine the way of de-addiction treatment for needy patients. New Life Foundation is a place which is always looking to ensure that that the patients get healthy and smooth services from the experts and get back in the right flow of life. We have special programmes which are tailor-made to suit the requirements of the patients with specific addiction such as drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and more! As the best De-addiction Center, we take pride in providing the best in qualitytreatment from the patient and help them to live a normal and healthy life.

Our Strengths for Being the Best De-addiction Center

We are a special place for the de-addiction treatment for your loved ones. You want to make sure that your near and dear person who has an addiction to some substance gets the best treatment from the best De-addiction Center. Your search comes to an end at New Life Foundation because you provide you with the best de-addiction treatment.

Expert Professionals: New Life Foundation is the best De-addiction Center where expert professionals show their expertise on people whose life has become a living hell due to addiction and get them back to their normal life.

Get Success Record: New Life Foundation holds a great success record and various de-addiction treatment providing institutes in ambala.

Patient Satisfaction: We, at New Life Foundation, strive all the time to make sure that our patients get full satisfaction our treatment.

Treatments We Provide as the Top De-addiction Center


Alcohol Addiction Treatment
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Consumption of alcohol on a regular basis can lead to addiction. Due to the hectic work schedule of modern day life, people are more susceptible to alcohol addiction because what they think is curing their fatigue is actually making them addicted. After a certain time, such people see that all hell is breaking loose in their life. But, you don’t have to worry because we, at New Life Foundation, as the best De-addiction Center, will help you to get rid of that alcohol addiction with our systematic and holistic approach to the problem so that you can get normalcy back in your life. That is why we have the accolade of the best De-addiction Center.

Drug addiction Treatment

The drug can absolutely ruin your life. It is one such substance that will drive you crazy and take you closer to the worst case scenario. So, when you find that you have drugs addiction, you have to take evasive action because as time passes by, curing your condition and bringing you back to the normal life will become harder. That is why you should contact New Life Foundation as soon as possible because we are the best De-addiction Center. We will take care of your condition and help you to overcome the drug addiction with our special drug de-addiction programs. As the best De-addiction Center, we will make your life a lot easier.


Detox Treatment

When a person takes a certain pill over a period of time that person could get an addiction to that substance quite easily. In that case, one has to get rid of that addiction from life. As everything in life should have a systematic approach, the same thing should go with detoxification as well. We, at New Life Foundation, help our patients with detoxification systematically. We ensure that our De-addiction Center will be the ideal platform from where you can start your detox treatment properly. We provide the best detox treatment and when you come to us, you will find out why we are the best De-addiction Center.


Addiction Treatment

Addiction to any substance is dangerous everyone. When you take an addictive substance for some time, you will have an addiction to that substance. After some time, getting rid of that addiction will become really difficult. In that case, you have to make sure you are taking help of the best experts for the de-addiction treatment. That is why you have to come to us at New Life Foundation. We are the best De-addiction Center. We have a specialised and systematic program with which many of our patients have got de-addicted and now living a normal life. If you want that too then join us at the best De-addiction Center for the best treatment.

Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin addiction can be devastation for any person irrespective of the gender. It is a substance that you just cannot afford to take if you want to live a normal and healthy life. That is why if you have got an addiction to any such substance then you have to make sure that you are getting the best treatment. We, at New Life Foundation, are the best De-addiction Center and have the right approach for heroin de-addiction. We have the best experts who can help you holistically in getting rid of the addiction from your life and that is why we are the best De-addiction Center. We have the right solution for your heroin addiction problem.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment

When a person has some kind of addiction, over time, that person also falls prey to mental illnesses. Depression is one such case which can literally ruin both your work life and your personal life. However, if you are having depression and cannot find the right treatment for that then don’t worry, we have got that covered for you. We, at New Life Foundation, will provide you with dual diagnosis treatment. We have a personalised and systematic treatment approach which will treat you from the root cause and will bring you back to the right flow of life. We ensure that you have the best dual diagnosis treatment because we are the best De-addiction Center.

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Why Choose Us as the De-addiction Center

If you want to make sure that your addicted loved person is taking rehabilitation treatment from a De-addiction Center which follows the international rehabilitation standards then you have to come to use. We take a holistic view of the treatment of addicted patients. With our approach to the treatment, your near and dear ones will get proper treatment and you will see no traces of addiction in their life. Here are some of the reasons that make us your best choice for a De-addiction Center:

Top-class infrastructure

Availability of air-conditioning rooms

A balanced diet chart for every addicted patient


12-step de-addiction program

Special treatments and therapies

Pickup and drop facility

What Our Clients Says